Check The Weather Forecast

Weather varies from day to day and from location to location. Here is a link you can use to check the long- range weather forecast for your trip: www.weather-it-is-israel.com

Passports, Visas & Baggage

Please make sure to check that you have a valid passport (United States citizens require a passport valid for at least six months). You do not need a visa to enter Israel. You are usually allowed one checked piece of luggage on transatlantic flights and one (1) carry-on bag. It...

Recommended Gear for Touring

• Sunscreen • Sunhat • Water sandals • Bathing suit • Comfortable walking shoes/sneakers (not flip flops or high heels) • Camera • Modest clothing for holy sites

General Information

Emergency Assistance o Police: Dial 100 o Ambulance: Dial 101 o Fire Brigade: Dial 102 Time difference in Israel Israeli Standard Time is seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, U.S.A. Please click here for time converter:...